A downloadable game for Windows

Hello Everyone,

 I have create a setup for easy installation for Windows, this create a shortcut in desktop and you can easy install/remove my Game. I use BlockColor Engine 2.0.0 . This is not a minecraft and this is not Minetest Game, my idea is create a game with vehicules, trees, decorations, animals, clothes. My Idea is create a fun game, this is not perfect and not finish. The creative is for start, i think add a survival in futur. You can create planet map earth, i think add moon and mars.

You can now install easy this Game for Windows, i have create a setup for this. This Game use BlockColor Engine (Since 2.0.1) You can use so in minetest with the SubGame in CDB Minetest. This is a Game in Dev, this is not finish. I search people for test this and you can communicate in this discord : Discord.gg.

You can use actually in this Game :

- Decorations

- Vehicules

- Animals

- Clothes

- Nodes

- Trees

What is the idea for this Game ? I like Garry Mod and i Like Minecraft, my idea is create a game, where people can play rp / survival / creative. i have start devellop this in tablet android, now i use pc (Yes, this is not a joke). My idea is create so a cross platform Game (Android, Linux, Windows ... mayble Apple).

Discord :  https://discord.gg/4UWvhhb / Website : http://blockcolor.net

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/BlockColor/

Minetest  : https://content.minetest.net/packages/Chiantos/blockcolor/

Install instructions

Use setup for installation, your antivirus can generate a false positive, disable it for installation. For Play use shortcut on Desktop or Windows StartBar.


blockcolorsetup-2-0-1.exe 39 MB